Gmail Password Recovery Phone Number

Gmail Password Recovery via Phone Number Tips

Individuals always store personal and professional information in emails, directly or indirectly. Moreover, they forward and receive mails containing a lot of precious information in the form of attached files. Hence, it becomes very important to keep mails safe and protected from unauthorized access.

However, in view of the technological advancements, emails are not always safe from hackers. Once lose access to emails, documents, photos and other important files; it can be very difficult and frustrating to recover it back. To avoid from this trouble, individuals should stay aware and keep password recovery options updated by the help of Gmail Password Recovery Phone Number. There are many ways to recover your password, but as per experts' opinion, your mobile numbers serves as the best recovery option.

To start with, you need to set up your recovery phone number. Here is how you can do it- First log into your Gmail account Go to the "Personal Info and Privacy" section and there select "Your Personal Info" tab. Next, choose the phone option. For the first time you will need to select 'Add Recovery Phone' on the page. If you have already added and wish to change it, select edit.

Look for any further instructions on the page and follow carefully. Once you have the right phone number registered with Gmail, you can be rest assured. Gmail keeps the information safe and secure and use it in case of any unauthorized or suspected access. If you still face any problem in this situation, you may approach experts helping Google mail users in Gmail Password Reset. Here is how Gmail may use your number to protect you:

To make a checkpoint against unauthorized access via your phone number requests for highlighting a validate identity. Help you recover and change the password using OTP that will be sending on your registered mobile number. Provide an extra identity in case you cannot remember your Id or password.

To keep you informed about all the changes in your profile or passwords instantly via text message sent on your number. What is the level of privacy of your mobile number? Is it safe to provide your number to Gmail? These questions may worry you, but you do not need to, as Gmail will never -

Gmail will never trade your number with any telemarketing companies who can annoy you with marketing calls. Reveal your phone number on any public platform. Although there are many other recovery options but what makes this option better and more secure. Gmail Password Change professionals in this regard have given a very simple answer. With phone number, you do not need to remember those answers for security questions, which may be tough and vulnerable. Anyone who knows you well can guess the answers.

Steps to recover your Lost Password via Phone Number

Step 1:- On your login page select 'need help?' below sign in option.

Step 2:- In the following page, you will be asked about the last password you remember, just click on 'I do not know'.

Step 3:- In the next page select appropriate option. Choose 'I don't know my password' if you cannot recall your password. Choose 'I don't know my username' if you cannot recall your username.

Step 4:- In the next page choose the very first option 'I can access my phone number' and continue.

Step 5:- Next you will be sent OTP on your phone number using which you can reset you password if you have not chosen your phone number as your recovery option, you will be asked to follow the link sent on your recovery email id followed by security questions.